Monday, September 22, 2008

A picture says over 9000 words

Everything I have to talk about today can be summed up in one picture, which I spent hours and hours of time and effort creating:

-Eric Joyce reviews "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed"

-Holly Stamps reviews "Lakeview Terrace" with Samuel "The 'L' stands for 'Loud'" Jackson

-Stephen Chow, director and star of "Kung Fu Hustle," "CJ7," and my personal favorite, "Shaolin Soccer," has been signed to Seth Rogen's "Green Hornet" movie, not only to step into Bruce Lee's shoes in the role of Kato, but also to DIRECT the thing!

I was skeptical of the movie, which would star Rogen as the Hornet, and is written by Rogen and his "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express" collaborator Evan Goldberg. But by bringing Chow on board, I am inspired to take a phrase from a friend of mine and say that "The Green Hornet" is "riding a gravy train with biscuit wheels." It will be awesome.

-Finally, with all the negative feedback that Facebook has been getting for the changes it has made, I thought I'd point out something subtle and amazing.

In celebration of "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" last Friday, Facebook added a whole pirate language to their website. If you scroll down to the bottom of any Facebook page, there will be a language toolbar, where you can choose to look at Facebook in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, et cetera. However, within the list is an option that says "English (Pirate)."

Instead of asking what you are doing right now in the status bar, it poses the question, "What arrr ye doin' right now?" Instead of writing on somebody's wall, you may find yourself scrawling on their plank. Instead of being tagged in photos, you may "be spied in a gallery o' paintins," and instead of attending events, and instead of starting or ending a relationship, you either get "captured by a pirate" or "become lonesome."

So awesome.

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