Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Casting (and Crewing) Couch

I've got a lot of neat developments in upcoming movies to pass along your way, so I'm going to give you the most substantial dirt first, and then kind of jump around at my fancy from there.

And what's more substantial than snapshots? INFDaily has the first-ever pictures from the set of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" movie.

-Most on them focus on fresh-faced Alice, Mia Wasikowska, who strangely looks simultaneously too young and too old for the role. Other shots feature a big, Burtonesque ship, Helena Bonham Carter (who looks to have an extra role in the film), her new baby and the baby daddy, an more-frazzled-looking-than-usual Burton.

Not pictured but recently announced was Johnny Depp, who is taking the role of The Mad Hatter. Johnny Depp? Playing a character with weird hair and a funny hat? In a Tim Burton movie!? GET OUT OF TOWN.

-In other Depp news, a bizarre recent announcement revealed that Depp is to play Tonto in an upcoming "Lone Ranger" movie. Even more recently, it was whispered about that George Clooney is hoping for the role of the Lone Ranger. I don't get this at all. Unless they get some brilliant script and ingenious director, this just sounds like really weird stunt-casting doomed to fail.

-In other bizarre casting announcements pertained to classic hero-adventure fiction, it was announced several months ago that Russell Crowe was going to be cast as the Sheriff of Nottingham in director Ridley Scott's upcoming "Nottingham," a Robin Hood retelling that would cast the Sheriff in a more sympathetic light. Since then, it was circulated around that the movie probably would not happen.

Recently, MTV.com got the scoop that Scott is still trying to get this darned thing made, and should it come to fruition, Robin Hood would be played by...Russell Crowe. No, that's not a typo. In what would either be a terrible medieval reimagining of Lindsay Lohan's "The Parent Trap," or a trippy "Fight Club"-in tights psycho-actioner.

Scott's comments seem to suggest the latter: "Just a good old clever adjustment of characters. One becomes the other. It changes, changes."

crowevscrowecopy.jpg picture by bcanze

-Also from MTV, Kirsten Dunst has said "I'm in," in regards to "Spider-Man 4" and "5," which director Sam Raimi and star of the previous 3 Tobey Maguire have already signed on to. Although nowhere near an official announcement, Dunst is notorious for not knowing what she is or isn't allowed to say, and letting information slip before it should. As long as she doesn't sing in this one.

-Last but not least, classically trained Shakespearean actor Kenneth Branagh, best known for his adaptations of "Henry V" and "Hamlet," and the 1991 fan-favorite thriller "Dead Again," is in talks with Marvel to direct their upcoming "Thor" movie, according to Variety.

Internet reactions have been everywhere from positive to abysmal to confused. I think that  Branagh is a genius choice, what with Marvel and script writer Mark Protosevich saying they want to take "Thor" in a pretty serious direction, hammer-deep in mythology, taking place mostly in the Norse heaven Asgard, and containing little to no traditional superheroics.

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