Friday, October 3, 2008

Frank Miller = "Hamlet 2"s Dana Marschz?

Frank Miller is writing a new graphic novel sequel to "300," almost solely for the purpose of adapting it into a new sequel for the smash movie.



Firstly, like they said in "Hamlet 2," how can you have a sequel if all the main characters are dead?

Secondly, have you READ the crap Miller has written lately? His "All-Star Batman and Robin" is a caricature of his older, better stuff. There is more subtlety to be found in a bucket full of hammers.

It's all, "I'm the G**D***ed Batman!" and "I'm the f***ing Batgirl!"

What would a "300" sequel sound like? "This is Sparta, mother****er!"

If that's the case (and it probably is), Sam Jackson better start getting in leather underwear-shape.

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