Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your geek movie update

We take a break from your regularly scheduled end-of-year-list programming to give you an update on upcoming geek movies:

-A Japanese trailer for "Watchmen" has found its way online, showing some new clips, detailing how the story's history is different than the real world. There's a scene of a legendary American assassination and then a main character walking away with a sniper rifle. I got chills, and am thrilled that Zak Snyder seems to be pulling no punches.

Although Fox has won the initial property rights for the movie, WB is not slowing down at all with its publicity for this movie.

Curiously, the latest in its monthly behind-the-scenes features was posted to MySpace, which is indeed owned by News Corp., which also owns Fox. Does one hand at News not know what the other is doing, or is this foreshadowing of an inevitable out-of-court settlement?

-DC cult favorite Western comic "Jonah Hex" has long been in development for a movie adaptation. "No Country For Old Men" and "W" star Josh Brolin has been attached to play the scarred hero for a while now, but the production finally has a director.

Jimmy Hayward, who has previously worked primarily in animation, will direct "Jonah Hex." Hayward most recently made his directorial debut with "Horton Hears a Who!" and before that worked in Pixar's animation department on all their features from "Toy Story" through "Finding Nemo," and before that worked on geek-favorite 3D cartoon "Reboot."

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