Sunday, January 25, 2009

ROUGH riders

These are words I thought I'd never type, but Central Michigan University could use to learn a thing or two from Corey Densmore.

Personal opinions of the guy aside, he is putting on the best concerts in Mt. Pleasant right now.

His Diamonds in the Rough promotion is bringing bigger-named acts like The Hard Lessons or Dan Deacon and pairing them with the local startups he nurtures, like The Valley Ghosts and Ultramark, and it makes for an astounding show.

Last night's show was incredible. The Valley Ghosts, Frontier Ruckus, Mason Proper, The Great Lakes Myth Society and The Hard Lessons, all playing in the historic Broadway theater. It was up-close, personal, hip, high-energy, and all flavors of fun.

In comparison, CMU Program Board's "big" winter concert was Friday night. They brought Josh Gracin, the country-singin' American Idol also-ran.

Sure, he's a name, but is the music any good? What's wrong with bringing up-and-comers who play genuinely great music instead of has-beens and never-wills that may have a marginal level of name recognition?

Why bring Josh Gracin or Yung Joc when you could pay less for Great Lakes Myth, or Otto Vector? You might not get the mass of country fans, but good people who like good music would attend, and you wouldn't lose money on the venture.

Also, just in case somebody from Program Board is reading--would it kill ya to book Lemon Demon?

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Sarah A. Miller said...

omg lemon demon! didn't he make a song about sea monkeys?!?

but yeah, and the music for sibs week is even worse...the band that sang "story of a girl." can't we get Hanson or some alt. rock band or a band with more than one song?