Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Wrestler Redacted

As detailed in my column in Wednesday's paper, Mickey Rourke had announced at the Screen Actors Guild Awards that he was going to appear at Wrestlemania, and possibly even wrestle.

This was followed by a genuinely awful exchange between Rourke and WWE Superstar Chris Jericho on Larry King Live, during which Rourke was clearly not playing ball with the pro wrestler.
Not to toot my own horn or anything, but in my article I expressed the opinion that Rourke should not appear at the event, and instead concentrate on his return to acting, and being taken seriously by Hollywood.

A massive influx of comments took that as to mean that I hate wrestling, most of which probably came from this guy:

"It's still real to me!"

Now today, Mickey Rourke's agent announced that he's pulling out of the Wrestlemania appearance, to focus on his acting. Now I don't want to say "I told you so," but...

Now I'm not going to do the victory dance yet, because there's still a chance that he may show up.

When the WWE is involved, the words "too shameless" have no meaning, so there's no saying that they didn't say he won't show, just to further the storyline.

Also, its perfectly believable that he's saying he won't show for now, just to keep it from harming his chances at the Academy Awards, only to re-announce his participation after the ceremony.

So there's no saying what's really going on, until we get some de facto confirmation from either the Roure or McMahon camp.

I for one, would like to see Mickey Rourke's experience in a wrestling ring to remain in Darren Aronofsky's film.

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mymixedupweek said...

I didn't think about the Oscar thing, which is a good point. I say once justifiably insane, always justifiably insane, so who knows what Rourke has up his sleeve.